Getting it wrong.

I’ve found that one of the big issues with managing is when a manager (or senior developer) gives instructions relating to a task to a developer and they fail to implement those instructions. This results either in the task not being completed, or being completed incorrectly. This can happen regardless of the nationality of either the manager or developer.
The point of failure has to be one of the following: Continue reading

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Frozen Branch

Your typical agile release process is once every few weeks (Ours it the third Thursday of the month). You should have a code freeze at some before the release date so that the testers have a stable code base to test. In that period between code freeze and release the only changes to code which will be released should be for specific issues discovered with the frozen code. Continue reading

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Developer Job Sites.

Really? Have we really come to this.

I know it’s been a while since I was on the market in any sense, but really?

Your profile: MUSTS 
– No 9-5 mentality 

Your profile: (NICE TO HAVE) 
– You are a real IT lover and keep busy with you passion for IT outside working hours Continue reading

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So you want to outsource?

Government House Calcutta
It’s finally happened, your business needs have outstripped your technical resources and you’re not able to hire in staff locally. Someone, in a meeting somewhere mentions they “have a contact in India/China etc..” and suddenly you’re committed to ramping up development team in some offsite location…

Here’s what I’ve learned about how this will go, with some suggestions on how to do it better. My experience was with India but it could equally be Europe, Asia or America. Most of this advice applies across the board. Continue reading

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TFS Infighting

If you’ve got a shared assembly which has been updated and two instances of Visual Studio open, pointing at different projects which call that assembly. When you do a ‘get latest’ in one instance of Visual Studio, the other prompts you with a “this file has been edited… do you want to reload?’

What you don’t see is that the update to both can be held up until you hit that confirm button.

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Visual Studio Self Hatred

It seems that Visual Studio hates it’s own project files and seems to be incapable of correctly handling merging conflicts.

If two developers both add new files to a project, then Visual Studio just put’s up it’s hands and marks it as a conflict, leaving it up to the developer to handle the merge in the project file. TFS merge really is dumb as a box of rocks. Just a straight line by line comparison, with no semantics. Ah well.



And like every tech problem ever, someone else has spotted this and fixed it already.
Replace the visual studio merge tool with WinMerge (or whatever diff tool you like) 

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