New skin, much like the old skin

it’s more webbish, but not too webbish…

…it is actually coded in HTML5 even if that makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. The title above looks pants in IE8 or below since it’s using @font-face to load up a new a new OTF font which seems not to work. It all looks great in Chrome and as I said in the info page, I’m not wasting my own time making a personal webpage cross-browser compatible. I know I could and probably should, but it’s not necessary and not fun. I tried using a number of free fonts from font squirrel as the main text font but despite looking great on the sample page they just looked jagged and un-antialised when I loaded them up. So back to Verdana.

So yeah, a new theme. Hopefully it’s clear and easy to read. The next step is to make it iPhone friendly. This is not because of any great demand from my massive iPhone readership but rather that I’ll have to do it for another site as well so getting the practice in would be a good thing.

The gargoyle images are from the garoyle drawing section of (it’s an absolutely fantastic site but god the navigation / categorisation is akward) from the Dictionary of French Architecture from 11th to 16th Century. I think they add a bit of dignity and gravitas to a site which is just a few posts short of degenerating into formless rants against bad IDE’s and worse game design.

Apart from this I’ve been busy with you know, actual paying work and preparing for major life changes in the shape of a newborn due to arrive soon. As for the Sisyphean Design project, I was doing great until I decided that what the world really needs is a pixel perfect collision mechanism  for pong. Yeah, I’m diving into the physics side of game design. This is a potentially endless topic so I’m really just skimming the surface so that at that even the simple pong world physics will work consistently and maybe take an overview of other approaches. Outside that I’ve just been busy and getting out the odd time surfing when time allows.

Image is from wikimedia commons, Michelangelos, Battle of Cascina.

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