Jamendo vs eMusic

So I’ve been on eMusic for years at this stage and I’m always happy with the stuff they have on there. Not to say I’ve made some bad downloads but it is a fantastic service towards finding new music.

Jamendo on the other hand is something I signed up to ages ago, took a look around and didn’t bother with after that. Jamendo is a pretty site but doesn’t have the hand holding editorial features and the music is of a much wider genre variety and genre standard.

eMusic all sounds professionally produced, signed (if independent) bands wheras Jamendo tracks often sound self recorded.

I then found:
http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/64104 (good pop music. Not entirely my cup of tea but I can recognise quality – better than most chart pop anyway)

http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/49216 – REALLY not my thing but I can’t think of any other site where you’d find the description “METAL ¬†SWING” and it’d be accurate.

After about 2 hours browsing Jamendo, I remember why I havn’t been there in a while. The ratio of experimental noodling/crap metal/shitty electro trance dance to actual good stuff is so high it’s not much fun.
I realise it’s good to have somewhere that anyone can put music up but some sort of ranking/accurate tags/editorial control would be nice. I don’t want to say quality control because well, quality in this context is entirely subjective and I wouldn’t want to see anyone not get up there because an admin doesn’t like that style.

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