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It must be Monday…

… my laptop decided to forget it’s video settings, didn’t detect the second monitor, had to reinstall device driver software and generally had a hissy fit. Three restarts and a few wiggles on the dock and it’s working again. (facepalm)

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Did it really..

Error 1 The command “D:\Projects\Applications.Core\PostBuildScripts\ProjectPostBuild.bat Web.IniTechWeb D:\Projects\Website\QA\Project\IniTech\Web\IniTechWeb\” exited with code 1. IniTech.Web.IniTechWeb Fuck me, just what I need. Some piece of the build script, which noone has touched in about 6 months failing. I have better things to look at… … Continue reading

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Mapped drive TFS pain

I have an issue where my Visual Studio Source Control Explorer is unable to do a “Get Latest” from time to time and I couldn’t see a common cause to the issue.

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Lunch Break

This time last year, my lunch would involve a walk to the shop for fresh air and then eating at a desk. Today, I went for a twenty minute walk on the beach. I’m thinking next week I’m going to … Continue reading

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