So we made it to Bangkok. Left Ireland at 16:00 on Sunday and then via London and Mumbai made it here at 19:00 or so local time. Long trip and we’re both knackered meaning we spend an extra day here to localise and enjoy the luxury before heading out to Cambodia.

I’m glad we have more time here because Bangkok seems like a great city. It’s busy, smelly and very scruffy in places and it certainly has it’s seedy side. But compared to say Morocco… it’s tidy, not nearly as noisy or polluted. Scruffy here seems to mean lived in rather than neglected. And there’s not nearly as much hassle from touts or beggars on the streets. (the only exception being the tuk-tuk drivers)

All that being said, We’re out from the main centre so we don’t see the real ‘tourist’ buzz. Like Amsterdam, it seems a nice city if you stay away from the tourists and red light districts.

So, tomorrow, on a bus and off to Cambodia.

p.s. Sorry for any typos but wordpress doesn’t resize nicely to a small EEE screen at all so I can’t read what I write.

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