Spurious Logic is a skill in the roleplaying game HOL.

This author is an Irish software developer who enjoys playing with toys of all kinds.

Currently he works with .Net 4.0 and TSQL primarily while using the full MS toolkit(Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server Management Studio, TFS, Powershell) on a full MS Stack.

In the past he’s worked mainly with Java on an OracleDB with a foray into being a self employed eCommerce retailer. In his free time he performs magical feats by completing websites for family and friends (HTML 5, PHP, CSS, JavaScript – jQuery, script.aculo.us , myPHP, WordPress, ZenCart) and indulges in flights of fancy by dreaming up side projects with exotic languages and concepts of dreamy perfection (Ruby, OpenTK, C, C++ and any other nice playthings he can find).

He has interests in graphic design (while being very conscious of his own shortcomings), web interactivity (while being very conscious of others shortcomings every time he wanders out onto the web) and gameplay mechanics (because they say more about the player than the game)

If you’re having problems viewing the page then I recommend you get a better browser. That’s not very user friendly I know but I’ve spent large chunks of my professional life dealing with inconsistent browsers so in my own time I’ll be more elitist. Personally I’m using with Google Chrome so the site probably renders best in that.

Complaints and criticism can be directed to eoin@spurious-logic.net (Yes, I have too much trust in my spam filters)

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